What's New

Major new features compared to the previous site

  • Website completely rebuilt from scratch for 2020. Only the data moved over from the old site.
  • Checklist style data entry allows you to enter ALL your Odonata observations whether you have vouchers or not.
  • You can optionally enter the number of individuals seen.
  • Jurisdictions (Country, State, Province or County) and coordinates are determined automatically from the pin you drop on a map
  • Easy data entry on a checklist including drag and drop photo submission.
  • Up to 10 photos of 10 Mb each can be added to each record.
  • An algorithm selects significant records to be vetted. Records of common species in season are not vetted. This greatly reduces vetter workload and allows you to enter all your records without worrying about overloading the vetter.
  • Records of nymphs and exuviae can now be entered.
  • Much more sophisticated search filtering allows you to find or map exactly the records you are looking for.
  • Filter fields are multiselect allowing you to stack filter criteria. Forexample, you can search for records of three species in five states in one search if you want.
  • You can map or select records by season. For example, map all April records of a species.
  • You can map or select records at higher taxonomic levels, for example map all Meadowhawk records by filtering for "Sympetrum sp."
  • Species List feature produces lists of species for any location with full filtering functions
  • Species Lists include early and late flight dates.
  • My Species List allows you to manage personal lists like life lists, year lists and county lists.
  • New map types including county maps, heat maps and grid maps.
  • Browse records on a single screen.
  • All images can be viewed in full submitted resolution.
  • One-click vetting allows vetters to process records faster.
  • Integration with iNaturalist. You can cut and paste records from iNaturalist into Odonata Central. You can also optionally map research grade iNatualist records with Odonata Central records on the same map.

See the FAQ for more specifics.

See the User Guide for details and step-by-step instructions.

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