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This citizen science web site site is focused on expanding our understanding of the distribution, biogeography, biodiversity, and identification of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) in the Western Hemisphere. We encourage you to contribute your observations and explore the observations of others in maps, lists of records and species lists.

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Odolympics December Summary

The December Odolympics was of course more modest than the June Odolympics, but there was encouraging levels of participation south of the US border, including geographically broad participation in South America, especially on iNaturalist. On Odonata Central there were 619 records of 105 species and on iNaturalist there were 404 observations of 107 species, although several of the South American observations are awaiting identification to the species level.

Everyone had a lot of fun. Not too late to add your observations if you made them during 11-19 December time window. Just edit your checklist and select Odolympics as the project to tag your observations.

iNaturalist observations (including the June Odolympics) will be imported into Odonata Central in early February. If you submitted records to the iNaturalist project, be sure you REGISTERED YOUR iNATURALIST ID on Odonata Central. Otherwise, your records will not import to the final tally. Click below for directions.


Odolympics June Summary

A total of 13,169 records of 340 species have been submitted to the Odolympics. 6723 records of 313 species were submitted to Odonata Central and 6446 records of 266 species were submitted to iNaturalist.

The Odonata Central Website

Odonata Central is place where you can keep track of all your observations, photos and specimens and manage all your personal lists, all while contributing to citizen science. There is an extensive database of odonate observations you can explore. There are many map types and many ways to view and filter data. Explore species lists for any location with early and late flight dates. Download any data set to a spreadsheet for further analysis. iNaturalist sightings are now included on maps and you can import observations directly from iNaturalist.

Help resources include the FAQ, a step-by-step User Guide and Video Tutorials.


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New Phone App

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The Odonata Central phone app allows you to easily enter complete checklists into Odonata Central from your phone. Available for both IOS and Android and supporting English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Search for it in either the Apple or Google Store.

Use the Add Photos button on the website to easily add photos to checklists created in the field with the app.

Watch a 10 minute instructional video: Introduction to the Odonata Central Phone App

Odonata Central is Now Multilingual!

Due to the power of Google Translate, Odonata Central can now be viewed in 108 languages. Select "Translate" from the top menu to select your language of choice.

Dragonfly ID app for IOS and Android

Dragonfly ID features bar charts built from the OdonataCentral database of sightings, recent sightings submitted to OdonataCentral displayed on maps, crowd-sourced text, images and more. Status and distribution information for odonates in North America.

Download from the Apple App store or Google Play store. Learn more here.

(Note that this app allows you to view data from Odonata Central but does not yet allow you to enter observations into Odonata Central.)

Dragonfly Society of the Americas

The Dragonfly Society of the Americas (DSA) advances the discovery, conservation and knowledge of Odonata through observation, collection, research, publication and education.

DSA website