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Species Aeshna umbrosa (Shadow Darner)
Specimen Notes At edge of opening along trail beside water's edge. Hanging from a branch. Heteromorph female. Only Shadow Darner I found. There was also a Variable Darner (Aeshna interrupta) in the area.
Submitted By Kim Mann on 2017-Mar-20
Collected By Kim Mann on 2015-Sep-10

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Vetted By Larry De March
Vetted On 2017-Mar-21
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Location Saskatchewan, Canada
Location Notes West of Saskatchewan Science Centre located in Regina, Sk. A park area that consists of big, open areas of manicured lawn, mature hardwood and softwood stands. Walking trail is packed earth or manicured lawn that runs along beside Wascana Lake. There are a few open areas allowing access to edge of water otherwise shrubs and cattails line the trail between the lake and trees.
Latitude 50.43174°
Longitude -104.59770°
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