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Species Libellula pulchella (Twelve-spotted Skimmer)
Specimen Notes FCS16-0593 male In IORI or FC Sibley collection. 9-11:50AM; 80's; clear. Fairly common at small aerated; spring fed pond with brushy/weedy edge in short grass prairie.
Submitted By Fred Sibley on 2016-Sep-20
Collected By F.C. Sibley on 2016-Jul-18

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Vetted By Fred Sibley
Vetted On 2016-Sep-20
Decision Notes Data provided by Fred Sibley.

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Location Mineral County, Nevada, United States
Location Notes NEVADA; Mineral County; aereated pond E side of rt. 6. 11 miles NNE of Benton.
Latitude 37.94270°
Longitude -118.34570°
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