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Species Leucorrhinia hudsonica (Hudsonian Whiteface)
Specimen Notes Only one found.
Submitted By Jonathan Batkin on 2016-Jul-23
Collected By Jonathan Batkin on 2016-Jul-23

Decision Details

Vetted By James N. Stuart
Vetted On 2016-Aug-27
Decision Notes Originally submitted and confirmed as L. borealis; however, Larry de March indicated that this specimen is hudsonica based on: 1) dorsal abdominal spots - too small and just "wrong" for L borealis; 2) white veins in the black area at the hind wing base are a recognized field mark for L.hudsonica; 3) wing leading edge veins gold in L. borealis, black in L. hudsonica; 4) lateral abdominal markings. These are for females only courtesy of Dennis Paulson a few years ago. L. hudsonica - spot on S4 and smaller spot on S5. L. borealis - spot on S4 vertically expanded, joined to dorsal pale spot, ditto smaller one on S5 (S5 one variable from what I've seen). Dennis Paulson and Jim Johnson also agreed with ID of L. hudsonica.

Location Details

Location Santa Fe County, New Mexico, United States
Location Notes Nambe Lake, elevation 11,400 feet, sits in a basin below Lake Peak. It has narrow margins of marsh and bog.
Latitude 35.80034°
Longitude -105.77650°
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