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Species Libellula nodisticta (Hoary Skimmer)
Specimen Notes Lifer dragonfly!! Identified by pale blue colored abdomen and small black spots on wings. Spots much smaller than close relative Eight-spotted Skimmer. Photographed Hoary Skimmer.
Submitted By Tony Kurz on 2016-Jul-19
Collected By Tony Kurz on 2016-Jul-03

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Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2016-Jul-20
Decision Notes County Voucher PHOTO

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Location Fresno County, California, United States
Location Notes Mono Hot Springs in Fresno County. The skimmer was next to buildings at resort perched at edge of wet field. It would patrol around then come back to perch.
Latitude 37.32680°
Longitude -119.01706°
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