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Species Tanypteryx hageni (Black Petaltail)
Specimen Notes Female first seen in wet fin laying eggs (photographed). She was sticking her abdomen in the mossy wet soil. Later seen her perching on a rock in the wet area. I did also see a male as well, but did not photograph.
Submitted By Tony Kurz on 2016-Jul-19
Collected By Tony Kurz on 2016-Jul-02

Decision Details

Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2016-Jul-20
Decision Notes County Voucher PHOTO. 2nd most southern site for the species.

Location Details

Location Fresno County, California, United States
Location Notes Heading up Kaiser Pass road from Huntington Lake just before you reach Kaiser Pass park at bend in road. Just down slope form road is a creek with a wet boggy fin. This is where I had the petaltail.
Latitude 37.28577°
Longitude -119.10052°
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