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Species Stylurus intricatus (Brimstone Clubtail)
Specimen Notes One male found. I located this specimen at noon after traversing the area along the arroyo east of the Rio Grande for about two hours. This was the only specimen I found. This should constitute the first record of this species in Santa Fe County.
Submitted By Jonathan Batkin on 2015-Sep-07
Collected By Jonathan Batkin on 2015-Sep-07

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Vetted By James N. Stuart
Vetted On 2015-Sep-07
Decision Notes New county record.

Location Details

Location Santa Fe County, New Mexico, United States
Location Notes The only location in Santa Fe County where the Rio Grande can be accessed on foot. Elevation about 5,540 feet. The precise location where I had this specimen was in dense vegetation on the north side of the wide (presently dry) arroyo that flows from the east through Diablo Canyon, at a point slightly more than 250 yards east of the Rio Grande.
Latitude 35.83596°
Longitude -106.16080°
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