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Species Orthemis ferruginea (Roseate Skimmer)
Specimen Notes perched high in Monterey pine, occasionally sallying out to forage and often returning the same bare branch. Very warm, calm day here at tip of Monterey Peninsula (and far from freshwater). Series of photos (inc the 2 below) have been reviewed by Tim Manolis and Dennis Paulson. This is the first Monterey County record.
Submitted By Don Roberson on 2015-Sep-02
Collected By Don Roberson on 2015-Aug-30

Decision Details

Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2015-Sep-08
Decision Notes County voucher photographs

Location Details

Location Monterey County, California, United States
Location Notes NE corner of El Carmelo Cemetery, Pacific Grove
Latitude 36.63240°
Longitude -121.92960°
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