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Species Stylurus intricatus (Brimstone Clubtail)
Specimen Notes Apparently this is the first Rio Arriba County record of this species. Two males found along the Rio Grande just west of Cook's Trailer Park, only a few hundred yards from Cook's Pond. Jerry spotted the first one perched at eye level in a Russian Olive. After we had been getting photos of it for a minute or so, I realized that another was perched about 18 inches below the first.
Submitted By Jonathan Batkin on 2015-Aug-30
Collected By Jonathan Batkin and Jerry Friedman on 2015-Aug-29

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Vetted By James N. Stuart
Vetted On 2015-Aug-31
Decision Notes New county record

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Location Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, United States
Location Notes A pond on the north side of Fairview Lane, a short distance west of NM 68 in Espanola. Elevation approximately 5,595 feet. The pond appears to be fed by water that drains from Richard Cook's gravel business immediately to its north. The pond is murky and has a few dead snags and trees around its perimeter. Odonates are fairly abundant and diverse; on 29 August 2015, Jerry Friedman and I had nine damselfly species and at least five dragonfly species.
Latitude 36.00902°
Longitude -106.07077°
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