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Species Phanogomphus kurilis (Pacific Clubtail)
Specimen Notes There were quite a few clubtails in the area, with many doing their bouncing flight.
Submitted By Peter Grunow on 2015-Aug-17
Collected By Peter Grunow on 2015-Apr-09

Decision Details

Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2015-Aug-18
Decision Notes First Amador County photo record.

Location Details

Location Amador County, California, United States
Location Notes Lancha Plana Bridge, Mokelumne River. Habitat is stone riverbed, and blue oak/foothill pine woodland with meadows of foothill grassland nearby. The terrain in this area is rolling hills, and not steep. On this date much riverbed/lakebed was exposed with the ongoing drought, and the clubtails used habitat on both the north (Amador) and south (Calaveras) sides of the river.
Latitude 38.22730°
Longitude -120.88980°
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