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Species Paltothemis lineatipes (Red Rock Skimmer)
Specimen Notes First seen flying pretty high then it came down lower eating lots of insects. I noticed it didn't have as much red in the wings as a Flame Skimmer and didn't have saddlebags. I realized it was a Red Rock Skimmer I watched it for awhile and it eventually landed. And I got some photos.
Submitted By Tony Kurz on 2015-Jul-26
Collected By Tony Kurz on 2015-Jul-25

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Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2015-Jul-29
Decision Notes County voucher photographs

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Location Trinity County, California, United States
Location Notes Van Duzen Rd just off the road under bridge along the Van Duzen river. This location is west of Ruth Lake in Trinity county.
Latitude 40.34080°
Longitude -123.47469°
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