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Species Plathemis lydia (Common Whitetail)
Specimen Notes male; very active in defending territory; remained in same area for at least 30 minutes
Submitted By Page Lindsey on 2015-Jul-15
Collected By Page Lindsey on 2015-Jul-13

Decision Details

Vetted By Bill Prather
Vetted On 2015-Jul-15
Decision Notes This is actually Plathemis lydia. P. subornata has the entire inner surface of the wings pruinose and in addition lacks the inward extension of the black bands behind the subcostal vein, which should be diagnostic no matter how much pruinosity.

Location Details

Location La Plata County, Colorado, United States
Location Notes Riparian community, protected for possible nesting sites for Southwestern Willow Flycatcher; Populus angustifolia, Shepherdia argentea, Pinus ponderosa, Craetegus rivularis, Alnus tenuifolia are main tree species. Rhus trilobata was shrub this specimen was perched on.
Latitude 37.22556°
Longitude -107.59811°
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