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Species Tramea onusta (Red Saddlebags)
Specimen Notes First seen flying low at eye level and noticed the bouncy saddlebags flight up and down. It was a very red dragonfly with red saddlebags. It then flew up higher as I approached it. And was able to get a picture of the underside of the dragonfly as it flew off.
Submitted By Tony Kurz on 2015-Jul-05
Collected By Tony Kurz on 2015-Jul-04

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Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2015-Jul-06
Decision Notes This is the county voucher photo for Tulare.

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Location Tulare County, California, United States
Location Notes Bartlet Park below Lake Success at the pond that has a island in it. There were several Male Red-tailed Pennant's there. Very surprising after looking at their range.
Latitude 36.05458°
Longitude -118.92580°
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