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Species Plathemis subornata (Desert Whitetail)
Specimen Notes Common along creek, and more abundant than P. lydia which was also present. New county record.
Submitted By James N. Stuart on 2015-Jul-03
Collected By James N. Stuart on 2015-Jun-30

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Vetted By James N. Stuart
Vetted On 2015-Jul-03
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Location Harding County, New Mexico, United States
Location Notes Alamocita Creek, tributary to Ute Creek (Canadian R. basin), DeHaven Ranch (private), ~35 km ENE Roy, ~5340 ft elevn. Small spring-fed stream, with pools and runs, flowing through small sandstone "canyon" in prairie habitat. Thanks to Stephanie Brock for access to this site.
Latitude 36.05523°
Longitude -103.82495°
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