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Species Tramea onusta (Red Saddlebags)
Specimen Notes This was a first time record for me. It was a male Red Saddlebags with bright red eyes above, bright red face, reddish-brown thorax, bright red abdomen with small black spots on the topside of S8-9. Basal wing veins red with red broadsaddle saddlebags and seemed to have no problem perching for photos unlike the Black Saddlebags. I did not collect the specimen, preferring to take photos instead as proof of sighting and I have attached a photo of the male Red Saddlebags to this report.
Submitted By Dave Johnson on 2015-Jun-26
Collected By Dave Johnson on 2015-Jun-25

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Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2015-Jul-01
Decision Notes This is the photo voucher for the county.

Location Details

Location Alpine County, California, United States
Location Notes Located a male Red Saddlebags on the southern end of Indian Creek Reservoir where I had to walk toward the shoreline from where I parked my vehicle near a gate blocking access to a campground.
Latitude 38.74605°
Longitude -119.77879°
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