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Species Paltothemis lineatipes (Red Rock Skimmer)
Specimen Notes Male flying along one section of stream, perching frequently on the same rock in the middle of the stream. Stream is not normally even running. It has been an exceptionally wet year. Specimen imaged, not collected. Bill Maynard and I saw the same specimen the next day, June 25.
Submitted By Eric Eaton on 2015-Jun-25
Collected By Eric Eaton on 2015-Jun-24

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Vetted By Bill Prather
Vetted On 2015-Jun-26
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Location El Paso County, Colorado, United States
Location Notes Narrow, rocky stream running through mixed conifer (mostly pine) forest with Gambel's Oak, chokecherry, etc in understory.
Latitude 38.73367°
Longitude -104.81973°
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