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Species Epitheca petechialis (Dot-winged Baskettail)
Specimen Notes On 18 June I observed a solitary male flying over a dirt path between a pond and a weedy field for more than an hour. It never perched. It hawked insects in flight, constantly changing its position but remaining within about a 20-foot section of the path. On 19 June I observed two males flying beats along short stretches of about 10 feet over the edge of the pond. They occasionally fought over their territories, and both were extremely pugnacious, constantly attacking and chasing off larger species, including Common Green Darner.
Submitted By Jonathan Batkin on 2015-Jun-19
Collected By Jonathan Batkin on 2015-Jun-18

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Vetted By James N. Stuart
Vetted On 2015-Jun-19
Decision Notes New county record.

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Location Santa Fe County, New Mexico, United States
Location Notes La Cienega
Latitude 35.56078°
Longitude -106.12596°
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