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Species Erythemis vesiculosa (Great Pondhawk)
Specimen Notes This insect was NOT collected, just photographed. It is the first California record of the species. ID has been verified with Dennis Paulson, Tim Manolis, Kathy Biggs, and others.
Submitted By John Green on 2012-Oct-05
Collected By John Green on 2012-Oct-02

Decision Details

Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2012-Oct-05
Decision Notes Male photographed - first California record - Species #114

Location Details

Location Riverside County, California, United States
Location Notes 5.5 acre suburban “ranch” in Riverside, CA. There is a small pond onsite, but the only time this dragonfly was ever seen, it was in a weedy vegetable garden. Otherwise, property has been under partial restoration to native plants for the past decade, but also has native and non-native trees and shrubs. Sage scrub would be its natural condition.
Latitude 33.98508°
Longitude -117.31326°
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