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Species Epitheca spinigera (Spiny Baskettail)
Specimen Notes Approx. 4-5 males seen. One collected as county voucher specimen.This is an upgrade of the photo taken just 3 miles away by Ray Bruun on Hilt Hungry Rd. in May.
Submitted By Kathy Biggs on 2012-Jun-13
Collected By Dave Biggs on 2012-Jun-09

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Vetted By Kathy Biggs
Vetted On 2012-Aug-16
Decision Notes County voucher specimen

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Location Siskiyou County, California, United States
Location Notes Wet ditch just west of main Mill Pond on Fruit Grower's Property. We believe this area is where they are breeding in California....only the 3rd recorded location.
Latitude 41.99426°
Longitude -122.63473°
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