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The following individuals have generously supported the development of OdonataCentral. Without such generosity, OdonataCentral would not be the premier community website for dragonflies and damselflies of the New World. All donations are tax deductible and will go to support OdonataCentral.Total amount raised from private donations since 2005, $26,165. Thank you for your support!

up to $99
Elfin Skimmer
Great Pondhawk
Royal River Cruiser
$10,000 or more
Walter Chadwick
Stephen Cresswell
Lew Davenport
Marion Dobbs
Charles Duplant
Robert Gard
William Groll
Chris Hill
Jeff Lubchansky
Tony Luekering
Bruce Lund
Edward Martin
Darrin O'Brien
Mark Scheuerman
Allen Barlow
Randall Cox
David Dauphin
Tripp Davenport
Vicki DeLoach
William Edwards
Judy Gallagher
Scott Garfinckle
Berlin Heck
Cynthia Hudson
Nathan Kohler
Steve and Mary Jane Krotzer
Mike May
Nancy McIntyre
Brenda Smith-Patten
Jim Stuart
Mark Stoeckle
Alison Van Keuren
Jim & Lynne Weber
David Welling
Harold B. White


Mike Dillon
Greg Lasley
Jonathan and Marika Schoolar