Orthemis schmidti Holotype

Photos of the Holotype of Orthemis schmidti

by Jerrell Daigle

I have taken montage photos of the Orthemis schmidti Buchholz, 1950 holotype female now housed in the International Odonata Research Institute/DPI in Gainesville, Florida.  It is on loan from the Tokyo Natural Science Museum, Japan.  The holotype was collected near Iquitos, Peru in 1930.

I can find no structural differences between it and recent O. schmidti females from South America and Florida.  Similarly,  I can find no structural differences between O. schmidti males from South America, the Greater Antilles, and Florida.

If one has specimens from the Yucatan and Cuba, I would be most grateful to examine those specimens.  Let me know if you have any questions.  My email is as follows:  jdaigle@nettally.com.  Thank you!