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This site is designed to make available what we know about the distribution, biogeography, biodiversity, and identification of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) in the Western Hemisphere. Use the navigation bars at the top of the page to move around in the site. See Argia 22(4): 2010 for a history and update of the site as of 2010 and click here for subsequent major updates. View a list of donors to OC.


Dragonfly ID app now available for Android!

Dragonfly ID features bar charts built from the OdonataCentral database of sightings, recent sightings submitted to OdonataCentral displayed on maps, crowd-sourced text, images and more. Status and distribution information for odonates in North America!

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The International Congress of Odonatology 2019 will be held in Austin, TX from July 14-19. Please visit the meeting website for more information.

The Dragonfly Society of the Americas meeting will immediately precede ICO. More information to come.

OC is getting an overhaul. We are currently redesigning the OC interface to make it more updated, user friendly and just overall much more useful. Keep your eyes out for the new version!  

Useful Links

Official Checklist to North American Odonata

Checklist of North American Odonata, 2018 Edition, by D. Paulson & S. Dunkle

New World Catalog, by R. Garrison and N. von Ellenreider

Dragonfly Society of the Americas
OdonataCentral hosts the official website of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas. The journals Argia and the Bulletin of American Odonatology are online and searchable.

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Latest Record Submissions

OC #506327, Enallagma semicirculare in Hidalgo County, Texas, United States was submitted by Craig Lipski on 2020-Jan-24.
OC #506326, Ischnura prognata in Buncombe County, North Carolina, United States was submitted by Harry LeGrand on 2020-Jan-23.
OC #506325, Cordulegaster maculata in Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States was submitted by Michael Ciborowski on 2020-Jan-20.
OC #506324, Basiaeschna janata in Price County, Wisconsin, United States was submitted by Ryan Chrouser on 2020-Jan-20.
OC #506323, Epitheca spinigera in Price County, Wisconsin, United States was submitted by Ryan Chrouser on 2020-Jan-20.


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