Nick and Ailsa Donnelly Fellowship

The Nick and Ailsa Donnelly fellowship will be used to promote and facilitate the attendance of colleagues to the annual Dragonfly Society of the Americas meeting by paying up to $1,000 per awardee for travel and travel related expenses to attend the annual meeting. Preference is to be given to Latin American colleagues and students. More than one award may be given per year at the discretion of a committee made up of members of the Executive Council. Funds in the fellowship that are not awarded for travel may be used for research, educational and outreach activities that have as their primary purpose promoting the knowledge of Odonata of the New World. Preference is to be given to graduate students conducting odonate research. The committee will accept applications for travel and research grants and make awards based on merit and potential for successful research leading to publication. Awardees of a travel grant must make a presentation at the annual Dragonfly Society of the Americas meeting, and awardees of a research grant will be encouraged to present their findings at a DSA annual meeting and publish in a peer-reviewed journal such as the Bulletin of American Odonatology.

If you would like to apply, please send an email to Rodolfo Novelo Gutiérrez, with the title and abstract of your talk or poster, a brief statement indicating your financial need, and a CV or resume. Deadline for each year is April 1, unless otherwise stated. Other members of the selection committee include Marion Dobbs and Colin Jones.


Past Recipients

2009 - Jason Bried & Richard Groover
2012 - Fredy Palacino
2014 - Tim Vogt
2015 - Kristen Numata & Jason Bried

2016 - Emily Sandall