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How to Photograph Dragonflies with Flash (D. Westover)
Michigan Odonata Photo Archive (Compiled by Mark O'Brien)
Photographs of Irish Dragonflies and Damselflies (DragonflyIreland)
andy Harmer's Photos - Flight Shots!
F. K. Kakkassery's Photos of Dragonflies and Damselflies of India
Wernher Krutein's Photos
Australian Odonata Photographs--including Petaluridae! (R. Rowe)
Oregon Odonata Photo Gallery (S. Valley)
Carboniferous Era Dragonfly (J. Kunkel)
Cordulegaster dorsalis--male (S. Valley)
Epitheca canis--male (S. Valley)
Epitheca spinigera -- teneral male (S. Valley)
Gomphus kurilis--male, (S. Valley)
Gomphus kurilis--female, (S. Valley)
Libellula cyanea Slow Loading (197K)
Libellula lydia(M. May)
Ophiogomphus morrisoni -- male (S. Valley)
Ophiogomphus morrisoni -- female (S. Valley)
Somatochlora semicircularis--male (S. Valley)
Aeshna californica--male, Emergence Series (S. Valley)
Darner (Aeshna palmata) in Flight ( R. Sullivan)
Leucorrhinia hudsonica--cop pair(S. Valley)
Nymph Capturing Prey Video - Downlodable - Very Good
Nymph Feeding Showing LabiumVideo - Downlodable - Very Good
Tanypteryx hageni--cop pair (S. Valley)
Digital Dragonfly Museum
Northwest Odonata Photo Gallery (Outstanding Scanned Images by Dennis Paulson)
Dragonfly Nymphs (from Kentucky)
Ophiogomphus severus nymph (Colorado State U.)
Odonata Photos by William Zittrich
Joshua Rose's Photographs (North America)
Over 300 photos from Massachusetts (by B. Nikula)
Dragonfly and Damselfly photographs from the Pacific Northwest (G.Mink)
Video: Dragonflies of the Northeast (by R.K. Walton and R.A. Forster)
Allen Chartier's photos - mostly from North America
Sympetrum and Telebasis (D. Richman)
Sympetrum sp. and unidentified nymph (L. Day)
Photo of dragonfly emerging (J. Marden)
Damselflies in the wheel (M. Dodd)
Damselfly in amber (American Museum of Natural History)
Dragonfly Photography of Oleg Kosterin
Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and Related Entomology (pictures of larval Odonata)
Martin Reid's Dragonfly Photographs
Abbott Nature Photography