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Dragonflies/Damselflies of Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire Trust)
Gomphus, The Belgium Dragonfly Working Group
Atropos A British journal devoted exclusively to butterflies, moths and dragonflies.
Cheshire Odonata (D. Kitching)
Dragonflies in Essex (M. Garrett)
LIBELLULES D'EUROPE and du Paliarctique Ouest (Odonates of Europe and the Western Palearctic - in French)
Libellulium longilatum from Bavaria (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)
List of Belgium Odonates (G. DeKnijf, A. Anselin)
British Dragonfly Society
Derbyshire Dragonflies (Peter White)
Dragonflies/Damselflies of Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire Trust)
Hertfordshire Dragonfly Group
Shetland Wildlife - Dragonflies (M. Pennington)
Dragonflies of the Hampshire and Surrey Borders (J. and D. Dell)
Backyard dragons
Odonata of the Czeck and Slovak Republics (Ales Dolny)
Danish Dragonflies
Odonates of Finland (M. Savela)
Finnish Odonates (Sami Karjalainen)
Groupe Sympetrum: Libellules dela rigion Rhtne-Alpes
Photographs of odonates from Germany, Austria, and Holland (Robert Geerts)
Dragonfly Ireland
Odonata of Sicily (A. Messina, P. Pavone, F. Viglianisi)
Swedish dragonflies (M. Peterson)
Dragonflies of the Eastern Mediterranean
Some assorted photos and information from Europe (in Dutch)
International Dragonfly Fund
Society of German-language Odonatologists (Gesellschaft deutschprachiger Odonatologen, GdO)
Dragonfly Protection Society of the southwest German state of Baden-W¿¿rttemberg
Libellen - eine (kleine) Einf¿¿hrung (German Odonata by Martin Lemke)
Dutch Dragonflies by Ren¿¿ Manger
InsectLine, an up-to-date information service on migrant and resident butterflies, moths, dragonflies and damselflies Uses only English names, not scientific names, so not very useful
Odonata Publications for Sale (Hillside Books)
Shetland Odonata
Protolindenia from Germany
Dragonfly photos from S. Jelinek
The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Europe Antoine's Dragonfly Homepage
Beekrombout Gomphus vulgatissimus near river Vecht in 1997/1999 (in Dutch)
Libellen in de omgeving van Cerknica (In Dutch, about Odonates in Slovenia? with photos)
Odonata of the Turiec Valley and Blatnica (Slovakia) (in Dutch)
Dragonflies Find Crude Oil Visually More Attractive than Water: Multiple Choice Experiments on Dragonfly Polarotaxis: Abstract (Gabor Horvath)
The Checklist of Italian Dragonflies (Costantino D'Antonio)
Odonate research in the Middle East
The Dragonfly at Vale Grifo
Dragonflies and Habitat in Switzerland (B. Oertli )
Dragonflies in Mesopotamian Literature (C. Betoret)