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Article from Smithsonian Magazine in July 96 (R. Conniff)
Odonata Bibliography (R. Beckemeyer)
Items of Interest to Odonata Enthusiasts (R. Lyons)
Bird Recorder 32 Odonate Database (Bruce Webb)
Open Directory Project - Odonate Links
Dragonflies and Phosphorus in the Permian (Weber)
Dragonfly Dreams (A. Kitselman-Ames)
Jewelry Designs by Dee Sharp
Photographs from a Bolivian Dragonfly Hunting Expedition (S. Valley)12/23/00
A Beginner's Guide to DRAGONFLIES (Jill Silsby)A good starting place for anyone who wants to learn basic information about dragonflies and damselflies
Guidelines for Monitoring Migratory Dragonflies (T. Morse)
Pacific Northwest Dragonfly Migration Project (S. Valley)
Toxicity tests on Stylurus amnicola (Great Lakes Fisheries Commission)
Stylurus plagiatus Adult (B. Barber)
Stylurus plagiatus Nymph (B. Barber)
Advice for Teachers, Class Project, Monitoring Migratory Dragonflies (T. Morse)
Worldwide Dragonfly Association
Newspaper article by Chet Raymo
Damsels and Dragons - the Insect Order Odonata (Ron Lyons)
Collecting and Preparing Odonata Specimens by Michigan Odonata Survey
Collecting and Preserving Odonates by Rob Cannings
Cool Facts from McMaster University (R. Bryden)
Dragonfly Information for Anglers (R. Newman)
Dragonfly and Damselfly Larvae for Sale as Mosquito Control (Berkshire Biological)
Dragonfly T-Shirts For Sale (Animation Shirts)
The Dragonfly Website
FAQs on Dragonflies
Fossils For Sale
Insect Feeding Videos - Downloadable
Introduction to Odonata (J. Meyer)
Natural History of Dragonflies and Damselflies (, Inc.)
Odonata Discussion Groups, Forums
Odonata Glossary (D. Paulson)
Tree of Life - Odonata (J.W.H. Trueman, R.J. Rowe)
Philip S. Corbet, 1962, A Biology of Dragonflies - digital version of this important book.