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Publication Argia
Volume 29
Issue 4
Year 2017
Description Argia, Volume 29, Issue 4
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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Bear Prairie: An Odonate Success Story Tom Kogut 1 |
Calendar of Events 1 |
Hot Odes and Odo-nuts at the San Bernardino Dragonfly Blitz Doug Karalun and Kathy Biggs 3 |
SE DSA Regional Meeting Mike Turner and Jerrell J. Daigle 5 |
Don’t Forget to Renew Your DSA Membership in 2018! 6 |
Painted Damsel (Hesperagrion heterodoxum)—Canyon Gem of the Southwestern U.S. Jerry K. Hatfield 6 |
Call for Papers for Bulletin of American Odonatology (BAO) 7 |
Spiders Residing in Odonate Exuviae: Third Update Tim Manolis 7 |
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel, a Surprising Predator on a Dragonfly Dennis Paulson 7 |
New Discovery of Larvae of Epiaeschna heros (Swamp Darner) in the City of Gatineau, Qu?bec, Followed by Emergence of One Individual at the Second Author’s Home Raymond Hutchinson and Beno?t M?nard 8 |
Splash-dunk/Spin-dry Analysis for 2011–2017 James S. Walker 9 |
New DSA Membership Categories Proposed—Vote Now! 11 |
Special Holiday Pricing on Dragonflies of North America 3rd Edition Bill Mauffray 11 |
Odonata in the News 12 |
ID Corner: Identifying partly grown nymphs: ontogenic instability in lateral spine lengths of Neurocordulia yamaskanensis (Stygian Shadowdragon) Robert DuBois, Ken Tennessen, and Matthew Berg 14 |
New Book Announcement: Damselflies of Brazil, 2nd Edition: the Southeast Region, by F.A.A. Lencioni 17 |
Photo Submissions for Argia 17 |
Thank You to All of Our 2017 Argia Contributors! 17 |
Cultural Odonatology: Dragonfly Dreams Bryan Pfeiffer 18 |
Parting Shots 19 |
How I Fell Into the Clutches of the Odonata 19 |
Would You Like to See Any New Features in Argia? 19 |