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Publication Argia
Volume 29
Issue 1
Year 2017
Description Argia, Volume 29, issue 1
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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Update on the Oklahoma Odonata Project: Anisopterans Brenda D. Smith-Patten and Michael A. Patten 1 |
Calendar of Events 1 |
Don't Forget to Pay Your DSA Dues for 2017—Online Payment is Now Live! 9 |
South Florida Odonata, December 2016 Dennis Paulson 11 |
Request for Orthemis sulphurata specimens from Central America Jerrell J. Daigle 14 |
Turquoise-tipped Darner (Rhionaeschna psilus) in Baja California Richard A. Erickson, Peter A. Gaede, and Nick Lethaby 15 |
Odonata Books from the International Odonata Research Institute (IORI Bill Mauffray 15 |
Photo Submissions for Argia 16 |
2017 SE DSA Regional Meeting F.M. Stiteler and Jerrell J. Daigle 16 |
New Ohio Odonata Survey and Conference Jim Lemon 16 |
The Ozark Emerald (Somatochlora ozarkensis): Status, Distribution, and Ecological Notes from Oklahoma Brenda D. Smith-Patten and Michael A. Patten 17 |
Phyllogomphoides nayaritensis (West Mexican Leaftail) in Southwestern New Mexico, a New Dragonfly Species for the United States Dennis Paulson 17 |
And Now for Something Completely Different... Nick Donnelly 21 |
The Surroundings of Zanderij, the Best-studied Area for the Dragonflies of Suriname Marcel Wasscher 23 |
Enallagma anna (River Bluet) in Hancock County, Ohio Shane Myers 27 |
Anax concolor (Blue-spotted Comet Darner) Again—a Never-ending Color Problem Nick Donnelly 28 |
Lucky Late-season Stylurus Clubtails: Finding the Right Place at the Right Time Paul Massey and Paul Dacko 30 |
Cast Your Ballot in the 2017 DSA Election! 32 |
Not Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville, a.k.a. a Whole Month in Yelapa, Mexico Kathy Biggs and Dave Biggs 33 |
Odonata in the News 35 |
The Search is on for Regional Endemic Dragonflies Jason Bried and Wade Boys 39 |
The Nick and Ailsa Donnelly Fellowship 39 |
New Feature: ID Corner 40 |
Cultural Odonatology 43 |
How I Fell Into the Clutches of the Odonata 48 |
Parting Shots 50 |