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Publication Argia
Volume 28
Issue 4
Year 2016
Description Argia, Volume 28, Issue 4
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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Calendar of Events 1 |
2017 DSA Annual Meeting in Staunton, Virginia Paul Bedell, Richard Groover, Steve Roble, and Anne Wright 1 |
The Annual 2016 DSA Meeting in Utah Alan Myrup 2 |
The 15th Annual Dragonfly Festival at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Roswell, New Mexico Jerry K. Hatfield 6 |
Don't Forget to Pay Your DSA Dues for 2017—Online Payment is Now Live! 7 |
New State Record Dragonflies for Mississippi and Alabama R. Stephen Krotzer and Mary Jane Krotzer 8 |
Argia sedula (Blue-ringed Dancer), New to Wisconsin Robert DuBois, Joanne Kline, Freda Van den Broek, Dan Jackson, and Steve Nanz 9 |
The Passing of Jane Chandler Walker (3 November 1951–16 October 2016)—the Loss of Yet Another Leading Missouri Odonatologist Paul M. McKenzie 11 |
Dragonflies and the Ill-fated Arctic Explorer Sir John Franklin (1786–1847) Matti Hämäläinen 15 |
Call for Papers for BAO 20 |
New Lubbock County, Texas Record for Paltothemis lineatipes (Red Rock Skimmer) Jerry K. Hatfield 20 |
An Instance of Intergenic Copulation between Archilestes and Lestes Jim Johnson 21 |
Panama Pantanos: Part2! Jerrell J. Daigle 22 |
Would You Like to See Any New Features in Argia? 23 |
Argia agrioides (California Dancer) New for Idaho Jim Johnson 24 |
Two Species New to the State of Sonora, Mexico Rich Bailowitz and Doug Danforth 25 |
First Arizona and Northernmost Record of the Three-striped Dasher, Micrathyria didyma Pierre Deviche and Justin Jones 26 |
Libellula pulchella (Twelve-spotted Skimmer): Range Expansion in Western Canada Rob Cannings, John Acorn, and Rick Howie 27 |
Thank You to Everyone Who Submitted Material to Argia in 2016! 31 |
Unprecedented Number of Neotropical Bluets, Enallagma novaehispaniae Calvert, in Arizona Pierre Deviche 32 |
Bringing the George H. and Alice F. Beatty Odonata Collection Into the Digital Age Emily L. Sandall 33 |
Update on the Oklahoma Odonata Project: Zygoptera and Mixed-species Pairs Brenda D. Smith-Patten and Michael A. Patten 35 |
Splash-Dunk/Spin-Dry Analysis For 2011–2016 James S. Walker 41 |
Call for Abstracts: 2017 Northeast Natural History Conference Bryan Pfeiffer 44 |
Odonata in the News 45 |
Book Review: Dragonfly Fauna of Sri Lanka: Distribution and Biology, with Threat Status of its Endemics, by Matjaž Bedjanič, Karen Conniff, Nancy van der Poorten, and Ali Šalamun Dennis Paulson 48 |
2017 Northeast DSA Regional Gathering: 13-16 July in Vermont and New Hampshire Bryan Pfeiffer 49 |
All-new Dragonfly ID 2.1 Mobile App 49 |
How I Fell Into the Clutches of the Odonata 50 |
Photo Submissions for Argia 50 |
Dragonfly Names in the Upper Midwest Lucia Wilkes Smith 58 |
Parting Shots 58 |