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Publication Argia
Volume 3
Issue 4
Year 1991
Description Argia, Volume 3, Issue 4
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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Field Notes of an Anuran Odonatist (Or the Quest for Odonates in a Shopper's Paradise) Barlow Jr., A. E. 1-4 |
Tachopteryx thoreyi in the Northeast U.S.: Some New Information and Questions Barlow Jr., A. E. 4-5 |
Further Comments on the Genus Sympetrum Cannings, R. A. 5-6 |
11th SIO Symposium Held in Trevi, Italy Carpenter, V. A. 7 |
Current Problems in Sympterum and Libellula (a.k.a. Plathemis) Donnelly, T. W. 8-12 |
Late Summer Collecting Trip to Texas Daigle, J. J. 8 |
Ohio Dragonfly Survey Produces Interesting Observations: "Stinging Dragonlies" and Migrating Swarms Glotzhober, R. C. 13-14 |
Over the Trails With the Michalski's in 1990 Michalski, J. 14-17 |
Field and Cabinet Techniques Cook, C. 18-20 |
Alabama Collecting in 1991 Tennessen, K. 18 |
40th Annual Meeting of the North American Benthological Society Johnson, D. M. 20-22 |
Literature Reviews: Chao, Hsiu-fu, 1990. The Gomphid Dragonflies of China (Odonata: Gomphidae) Cook, C. 22-23 |
Literature Reviews: Watson, J. A. L., G. Theischinger, and H. M. Abbey, 1991. The Australian Dragonflies, A Guide to the Identification, Distribution and Habitats of Australian Odonata Cook, C. 23 |
Literature Reviews: Watson, J. A. L., 1991. The Australian Gomphidae (Odonata) Cook, C. 23 |
Notices 24-25 |
Membership List of the Dragonfly Society of America 25-28 |
The "Mystery Dragonfly" Puzzle 29 |