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Publication Argia
Volume 27
Issue 3
Year 2015
Description Argia, Volume 27, Issue 3
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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
DSA Holds its First-ever Regional Meeting in Costa Rica, 1-8 June 2015 Celeste A. Searles Mazzacano 1 |
Calendar of Events 1 |
Field Observations from the 2015 Annual DSA Meeting in Central Pennsylvania Hal White 6 |
Abstracts from the 2015 DSA Annual Meeting in Central Pennsylvania 11 |
Don't Forget to Pay Your DSA Dues for 2016 Jerrell Daigle 13 |
Yet Another Successful Southeastern DSA Meeting Steve and Mary Jane Krotzer 14 |
Odonate Symposium at the International Congress of Entomology, 25-30 September 2016 Sebastian Busse 17 |
Macromia taeniolata--New State Record for Minnesota (Otherwise Known as "The Great Royal River Cruiser Chase") Dan Jackson and William Smith 17 |
Thornbush Dasher (Micrathyria hagenii), a New Record for Williamson County, Tennessee Robert and Andrea English 19 |
Call for Papers for BAO 19 |
The DSA Executive Council Has New Officers! 19 |
A Dry Season Survey of the Dragonflies of St. Kitts and Nevis, Northeastern Leeward Islands Paul M. Catling and Brenda Kostiuk 20 |
First Record of the Thornbush Dasher (Micrathyria hagenii) for Oklahoma Brenda D. Smith-Patten and Bruce W. Hoagland 25 |
Photo Submissions for Argia 28 |
First Records of Sympetrum madidum (Red-veined Meadowhawk) in Wisconsin Robert DuBois, Scott King, Ryan Brady, and Todd Sima 29 |
The End of One--a Meal for Another Ron Lyons 30 |
First Records for Rhionaeschna multicolor (Blue-eyed Darner) and R. mutata (Spatterdock Darner) in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and Their Overlapping Ranges in These States Robert DuBois, Ron Lawrenz, Denny Johnson, William Smith, Ryan Chrouser, and Daniel Jackson 32 |
Atlas of the European Dragonflies and Damselflies Due to Appear Vincent Kalkman 35 |
The Menard Aquatic Net for Collecting Dragonfly Larvae Raymond Hutchinson and Benoit Menard 36 |
Odonata in the News 38 |
How I Fell Into the Clutches of the Odonata 44 |
New Book Announcement: The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Trinidad & Tobago, by John Michalski, With Photos by John C. Abbott 44 |
First Announcement--2016 DSA SE Regional Meeting Bill Mauffray 44 |
Parting Shots 45 |
Correction 46 |