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Publication Argia
Volume 26
Issue 1
Year 2014
Description Argia, Volume 26, Issue 1
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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Update on the 2014 DSA Annual Meeting in Wisconsin Ken Tennessen 1 |
Calendar of Events 1 |
Southeast Regional DSA Meeting and Field Trip, Gainesville, Florida, 4–6 April 2014 Bill Mauffray 2 |
CalOdes Dragonfly Blitz, 27–30 June 2014, Warner Mountains, Modoc County, California, and Nearby Areas in Nevada and Oregon Kathy Biggs 3 |
2014 Northeast Regional DSA Meeting Update Bryan Pfeiffer 3 |
Final Update on Dragonflies of North America, 3rd Edition: the Light at the End of the Tunnel Bill Mauffray 4 |
A Few Notes on DSA History and Comments on Field Etiquette Steve Valley 5 |
2014 Dragonfly Insittute: Introduction to Odonates of Central Massachusetts Dave Small 6 |
14th Annual Oregon Aeshna Blitz Steve Gordon 7 |
Minutes of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas Steve Valley 9 |
Note on the Distribution of Progomphus bellei Knopf and Tennessen, 1980 (Belle’s Sanddragon) in Bay and Washington Counties, Florida, U.S.A. Edwin J. Keppner 12 |
Request for Future DSA Annual Meeting Proposals Jerrell J. Daigle 15 |
Distribution and Relative Abundance of Gomphus dilatatus (Blackwater Clubtail) at the Northern Limit of its Range in Virginia Steven M. Roble 16 |
Advice Column Marion Dobbs 18 |
What Can We Learn From Incorrect Determinations of Adult Odonata in an Upper Midwestern University Insect Collection? Robert DuBois, Ken Tennessen, Kurt Mead and Jim Lind 19 |
Amphiagrion (Red Damsel) Update Jerrell J. Daigle 19 |
A Short History of Odonate Collecting in Nebraska Fred C. Sibley 23 |
Call for Papers for BAO 29 |
Fashioning Small Individual Containers for Rearing Odonata Ken Tennessen 29 |
Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville, a.k.a. Ten Days in Yelapa, Mexico Kathy and Dave Biggs 30 |
Splash-dunk Analysis for 2011–2013, Including Temporal Distribution James S. Walker 33 |
Photos Needed for Argia 34 |
Back Issues of Odonatologica Are Available from IORI Bill Mauffray 34 |
Epiaeschna heros (Swamp Darner) and Survivorship During Dry Periods in Vernal Pools Andrew E. Boose 35 |
Odonata in the News 37 |
How I Fell Into the Clutches of the Odonata 38 |
Parting Shots 39 |