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Publication Argia
Volume 25
Issue 2
Year 2013
Description Argia, Volume 25, Issue 2
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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Final Notice—2013 DSA Annual Meeting David Halstead 1 |
Calendar of Events 1 |
New and Noteworthy Records of Gomphidae for Saskatchewan David Halstead 3 |
Extra DSA Annual Meeting Buttons 3 |
Don’t Forget to Renew your DSA Membership! 3 |
2013 Southeast Regional Meeting Report, and a New Species for Virginia! Steve Roble and Paul Bedell 4 |
Winter Habits of Cordulegaster Larvae in Central New York Sue Gregoire 6 |
Cerulean Dancer, Argia anceps, a New Species for the Unites States Doug Danforth, Rich Bailowitz, and Pierre Deviche. 10 |
Perch Persistence in a Megapodagrionid Damselfly Dennis Paulson and Dave Smallshire 11 |
First Record of the White-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum obtrusum) for Oklahoma, and a Review of the Status of the Cherry-faced Meadowhawk (S. internum) in the State Brenda Smith-Patten and Michael A. Patten 12 |
Photos Needed for Argia 13 |
An Excursion to Acude da Concordia, Valenca municipality, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a short note on the behavior of Coryphaeschna perrensi and Aphylla theodorina Marcus Vinicius O. De Almeida 14 |
Some Odonata from Belize Brenda Smith-Patten and Michael A. Patten 16 |
Call for Papers for BAO 18 |
Bonkers in Belize—Part 2, or “And I Eat Every Day, Too!” Jerrell J. Daigle 19 |
New Callo-where?! The Donnelly-Michalski Expedition to New Caledonia, 2013 John Michalski 20 |
Advice Column 22 |
Request for Early Emergence Records for Anisoptera Richard Groover 22 |
Minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas Steve Valley 23 |
Odonates are Taking Over Facebook! 24 |
Applied Odonatology Symposium at the 2013 Society for Freshwater Science Conference Celeste A. Mazzacano 24 |
Obituary for Gordon Pritchard (1929-2012) Rob Cannings 25 |
New Atlas of Rare Butterflies, Skippers, Moths, Dragonflies and Damselflies of Virginia 29 |
New Book Announcement: Libelulas de Colombia: Una Guia de Campo Para su Identificacion (Dragonflies of Columbia: A Field Guide for Identification) Jenilee Montes 30 |
Corrections and Clarifications 30 |
Observation of a Dragonhunter (Hagenius brevistylus) Feeding on a Swamp Darner (Epiaeschna heros) Ryan Williamson 31 |
Robotic Dragonfly Takes Flight 31 |
Would You Like to See Anything New or Different in Argia? 31 |