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Publication Argia
Volume 24
Issue 3
Year 2012
Description Argia, Volume 24, Issue 3
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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Saskatchewan to Host the 2013 DSA Annual Meeting Halstead, D. 1 |
Calendar of Events 1 |
Another Successful Southeastern Soiree Krotzer, S.; Krotzer, M.J. 3 |
Odes in the Mist Hunt-von Arb, S.; Biggs, K. 4 |
Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas Valley, S. 8 |
Ouachita Spiketail (Cordulegaster talaria), New for Oklahoma Heck, B. 9 |
Advice Column 10 |
Stylurus intricatus (Brimstone Clubtail), A New Old Record for Oklahoma Smith-Patten, B.D.; Patten, M.A. 10 |
New Issue of BAO 11 |
Odonates are Taking Over Facebook! 11 |
Notes on the Distribution of the Purple Skimmer (Libellula jesseana) with Emphasis on Bay and Washington Counties, Florida Keppner, E.J. 12 |
Photos Needed for Argia 16 |
Feeding Swarm of Common Green Darners (Anax junius) Oldenettel, J.R. 16 |
Leg position in Ovipositing Pondhawks and Other Dragonflies Paulson, D. 16 |
A Brief Field Report on Emergence of Riverine Clubtail (Stylurus amnicola) and Arrow Clubtail (Stylurus spiniceps) Along a Sandy Bank in Northern Connecticut Martin, K. 17 |
Color as a Stimulus for Male Aggression in Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) Martin, K. 17 |
Color as a Stimulus for Male Aggression in Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) Oriti, R.; Oriti, B. 18 |
Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) Courtship Wing Clapping Fischer, H.W. 19 |
Whittle Road Soiree #333! Daigle, J.J. 20 |
Request for Orthemis Specimens Daigle, J. 21 |
Eclosion of a Stylogomphus (Gomphidae) Nymph from the Middle Fork of the Rockcastle River, Kentucky McMurray, P.D. 21 |
Argia is Going All-Digital! 22 |
First Report of Blue-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum ambiguum) for Wisconsin Lhuman, E. 23 |
DSA is on Facebook 23 |
Egg–Laying Behavior in Autumn Meadowhawks Walker, J.S. 24 |
In Memoriam: John Belshe (1935–2011) and Linden Trial (1950–2012)—Two Missouri Odonatologists Who Will be Hard to Replace McKenzie, P.M. 26 |
Call for Papers for BAO 29 |
New Additions to Iowa Odonata Harms, T.M.; Rasmussen, R.D.; Kinkead, K.E.; Bergthold, C.L.; Frese, P.; Dinsmore, S.J. 30 |
Strange Bedfellows Garrison, M. 31 |
New Edition of Dragonflies of North America by Needham, Westfall and May Mauffray, B. 32 |
Need a Haircut 32 |