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Tamaulipan Clubtail

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Gomphurus gonzalezi

Dunkle, 1992

Order Odonata
Suborder Anisoptera
Superfamily Gomphioidea
Family Gomphidae
Genus Gomphurus
Species gonzalezi (Dunkle, 1992) [Gomphus]


This recently described species is uncommon and found only in far south Texas and northern Mexico. Its face is pale grayish-green with a green or brown vertex that lacks spines in females. The thorax is pale green. The middorsal thoracic stripe is parallel-sided. The antehumeral stripe is free at its upper end and widely separated from the humeral stripe by a pale area at least as wide as each dark stripe. The midlateral stripe is present and strongly deve loped. The third lateral stripe is long and confluent at its lower end with a fourth lateral stripe on the rear edge of the thorax. The legs are brown and the wings are clear with a dark brown pterostigma. The abdomen is pale brown marked with grayish-green on segments 1-6 and pale yellow on 7-10. The male cerci are brown and only slightly divergent dorsally, nearly parallel, with less of a ventral keel at 2/3 their length, than in Plains Clubtail (G. externus).


Total length: 47-50 mm; abdomen: 34-37 mm; hindwing: 27-31 mm.

Similar Species

This species is similar to Plains Clubtail, but smaller and paler with narrower brown thoracic stripes and more yellow dorsally on 8 in males.


Muddy canal-like channels and clear, spring fed deep rivers.


This is an early spring emerger. Males apparently wait for females during the middle of the day on overhanging vegetation or rock outcrops.


Texas and San Luis Potosi, Mexico.