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Jade Clubtail

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Arigomphus submedianus

Williamson, 1914

Order Odonata
Suborder Anisoptera
Superfamily Gomphioidea
Family Gomphidae
Genus Arigomphus
Species submedianus (Williamson, 1914) [Gomphus]


The face and thorax are olivaceous and pale. The faint brown middorsal stripe is entirely divided by the pale carina. The humeral and antehumeral brown stripes are both present, but the former is usually less developed. The mid- and third lateral thoracic stripes are only evident at their ends. The abdomen is greenish-yellow with brown basal and apical rings. Segments 7-9 are entirely rufous-brown. Segment 10 and the caudal appendages are pale yellow.


Total length: 51-55 mm; abdomen: 37-41 mm; hindwing: 34-36 mm.

Similar Species

Stillwater Clubtail (A. lentulus ) has well-developed dark humeral stripes and abdominal segment 8 is generally darker than 7 or 9. The male cerci are shorter and more compact than in Stillwater Clubtail. Bayou Clubtail (A. maxwelli ) is smaller and generally darker (brown not reddish ) with more well-defined thoracic stripes.


Semi-permanent and artificial ponds, lakes and slow-areas of streams with muddy bottoms.


This species is sometimes locally abundant along the shores of ponds, small lakes and borrow pits. It doesn't usually venture far from the water, resting on the ground at pond's edge.


Great Plains from Nebraska and Wisconsin south to Texas.