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Stillwater Clubtail

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Arigomphus lentulus

Needham, 1902

Order Odonata
Suborder Anisoptera
Superfamily Gomphioidea
Family Gomphidae
Genus Arigomphus
Species lentulus (Needham, 1902) [Gomphus]


This is a smaller pale greenish-gray species with the thorax faintly marked in a similar fashion to Jade Clubtail (A. submedianus). The faint middorsal thoracic stripe is completely divided by a pale carina. The brownish humeral and antehumeral stripes are usually subequal in width, but the former is generally more developed and alway s separated from the latter by a thin stripe of greenish-yellow. The lateral thoracic stripes are absent, only visible at their ends. The abdomen is rufous-brown with a pale middorsal stripe hardly visible. Segments 7 and 8 are black dorsally and 9 is pale brown. Segment 10 and the caudal appendages are yellowish.


Total length: 48-57 mm; abdomen: 34-41 mm; hindwing: 30-37 mm.

Similar Species

Jade Clubtail is similar, but the humeral stripe is narrower than the antehumeral stripe and segments 7-9 are uniformly dark. Bayou Clubtail (A. maxwelli ) also has segments 7-9 uniformly dark and it is smaller with more well-developed middorsal and lateral thoracic stripes.


Semi-permanent and artificial ponds, lakes and slow areas of streams with muddy bottoms.


Although it has been reported from Louisiana based on sight records, the most recent study of the state revealed no confirmed records for this species in that state. It may turn up in the western portion of Louisiana, however. Little is known of its biology, but it on all accounts seems similar to other members in this group with males typically perching on open shore-lines.


Southeastern U.S. from Indiana to Texas.