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Two-striped Forceptail

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Aphylla williamsoni

Gloyd, 1936

Order Odonata
Suborder Anisoptera
Superfamily Gomphioidea
Family Gomphidae
Genus Aphylla
Species williamsoni (Gloyd, 1936) [Gomphoides]


This is the most distinctive and easily recognized of our forceptails. Two-Striped Forceptail generally has two broad lateral yellow thoracic stripes. Occasionally, some females will have a thin pale stripe between these stripes, but the brown humeral and antehumeral stripes are always fused together with only fa int traces of pale color if any. They have a wide lateral flange on abdominal segment 8 that is yellow-orange.


Total length: 71-76 mm; abdomen: 52-62 mm; hindwing; 37-43 mm.

Similar Species

The other two forceptail species in the region have three pale yellow lateral thoracic stripes. Further differences of these species are given under the description of Broad-Striped Forceptail (A. angustifolia).


Ponds, lakes, borrow pits and sluggish streams.


This is the best known of the three species in the region. It regularly forages in tree tops. Males perch near the water on vegetation, occasionally making patrols along the shoreline. Females lay eggs late in the evening.


Southeastern U.S. from Texas to Virginia.