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Cinnamon Shadowdragon

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Neurocordulia virginiensis

Davis, 1927

Order Odonata
Suborder Anisoptera
Superfamily Libelluloidea
Family Corduliidae
Genus Neurocordulia
Species virginiensis Davis, 1927 [Neurocordulia]


This is another medium-sized brown species, but its wings are the least marked of the species in our region. The thorax is darker in front and divided by a pale middorsal carina. The sides of the thorax are paler with a diffuse yellow-spot surrounding the spiracle. There are dark spots on the antenodal crossveins before the triangles only. The legs are pale and the fore-tibiae in the males only have a vestigial keel. There is no truncate process on the inner side of the middle trochanter. The abdomen is brown and each segment has a dark transverse carina. The caudal appendages are yellowish-brown. The female appendages are approximately 2 mm long.


Total length: 42-48mm; abdomen: 32-35 mm; hindwing: 29-32 mm.

Similar Species

Most other shadowdragons in the south-central United States have more coloration in the wings. Smoky Shadowdragon (N. molesta ) has smoky wings and olive green eyes. Similar appearing baskettails (Epitheca ) have a yellow lateral stripe on their abdomen.


Medium-sized rivers with riffles.


This species may fly well after sunset or through forest understories during the day. Two stages of flight have been recognized in this species. The first involves an erratic flight 1-2 m above the water. The second stage involves males frequently skirmishing, followed by a lower flight 15 cm above the water.


Southeastern U.S.