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Choose a jurisdiction below to see its known Odonata Fauna. Currently, checklists are only available for counties, states, and countries in North America. As more data becomes available, more jurisdictions will be added.

You may select a jurisdiction by browsing the jurisdiction tree or you may search for a jurisdiction in our database by typing the name of the jurisdiction in the search box. For instance, if you wanted to search for Odonates in Burnet County, you would type "Burnet" or "burnet" into the search box. You can even type in the first part of the jurisdiction's name (eg. "burn"). Searching for "burnet" would result in a drop down containing both Burnet County, Texas and Burnett County, Wisconsin. At this point, simply select the jurisdiction you desire and the tree below will display your jurisdiction and any jurisdictions within it. For instance, if you type "California" in the search box and select the state, the tree will have the state of California its root and all counties within California will be displayed below it. Clicking "California" on the tree will show Odonata Fauna in the state of California, whereas clicking "Orange" will only show Odonates in Orange County, California.

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