Suborder Zygoptera
Family Platystictidae

Family Platystictidae figure 1

One genus of these incredibly long, thin and cryptically-coloured insects occurs in New Guinea and Maluku. The wing venation differs from all other Zygoptera in that the cell below the quadrilateral is crossed by a vein that cuts off a diamond-shaped cell basally (as shown below). The Pt are somewhat atypical, having the distal border curved basad, rather than slanting diagonally outward as in most Zygoptera.

The most recent work on the genus is that of van Tol (2007) who delineated the species of Maluku and Misool Island, including the description of nine new species.

Genus Drepanosticta Laidlaw, 1917

Family Platystictidae figure 2

There are twenty-five regional species (and counting), including thirteen from New Guinea and its nearby satellites, one from New Britain, and eleven from Misool, the Kai Islands, and Maluku. Another 20 species are listed by Tsuda (1991) from Indonesia. Drepanosticta are highly endemic and few species are found on more than one island. Excepting the 2007 paper, the genus has hardly been touched since 1949 and, one has to suppose, will be undergoing many additions in the future.

Drepanosticta – sample male terminalia

Family Platystictidae figure 3