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Suborder Zygoptera
Family Lestoideidae

Family Lestoideidae figure 1
Photo by Nick Donnelly

Large and robust, primitive damselflies of Australian origin. Larger than Chlorocyphidae (total body length usually 40-50 mm as opposed to 20-30 mm for the Chlorocyphidae) and with abdomen distinctly longer than hindwings, as in most other Zygoptera. One genus and species is known to occur in New Guinea.

Genus Diphlebia Selys, 1869

One species (D. euphaeoides) known from New Guinea. It is stocky, the male coloured in pale-sky blue with a blackish-brown diagonal stripe across each side of the pterothorax. The wings in some individuals become nearly black with age.

These damselflies prefer to perch low on exposed rocks in sunny streams with their wings held rigidly horizontal rather than closed over the back, as in most Zygoptera. They are not strong-flying

Distribution: East New Guinea; North-east Queensland, Cape York, Australia.

Wing chart