Suborder Zygoptera
Family Lestidae

Lestes praemorsus
Lestes praemorsus, Photo by Stephen Moore

Often known as "spread-winged damselflies," a trait shared with the Megapodagrionidae and Lestoideidae, but otherwise uncommon among Zygoptera. The wings have only two antenodal crossveins, but the branching of veins R4+5 occurs nearer the arculus than the subnodus (as shown below).

      Family Lestidae figure 1

Genus Indolestes Fraser, 1922

Can be told from Lestes by the fact the quadrilateral of the hindwing is distinctly larger, and of different shape, than that of the forewing (as shown below). There are 10 regional species, including three with extraordinary lobes or hairs along the hind margins of the wings.

Family Lestidae figure 2


Genus: Indolestes – sample male terminalia

Family Lestidae figure 3


Genus Lestes Leach, 1815

Can be told from Indolestes by the fact the quadrilateral of the hindwing is similar in size
and shape to that of the forewing. There are 3 regional species.

Family Lestidae figure 4