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Scientific Name:
Enallagma clausum

Common Name:
Alkali Bluet

Collected On:

Collected By:
Hugh Ranson

Mono County, California, United States
at 37.69849° N 118.76260° W


Submitted On:

Submitted By:
Hugh Ranson


Vetted On:

Vetted By:
Jim Johnson


Location Notes:
Benton Crossing Road, along Owens River, Mono County, CA.
Specimen Notes:
At least 3 males and 3 females seen. Of the latter, one was of the olive form.
Decision Notes:
ID not be proven by photos and we are leaving this record as pending. Manolis/Biggs. § Jim Johnson commenting: I have no problem at all accepting this submission. I asked the submitter for higher resolution images and the male's appendages are a good match for this species (cerci about as long as paraprocts and angled downward; paraprocts strongly curved up). The female has the "pinched" and raised carina behind the mesostigmal plates, plus S8 being entirely pale is also consistent with this species.

Photo 1

Photo 2